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SPATIAL MAPPING LTD. utilizes World Construction Set and Eco Modeler (modeling and rendering software) to create terrain models to accurately represent real world conditions. Combined with appropriate contractor information, we can develop a predictive model to visualize how a block appears in a viewshed and its impact on that specific viewshed. Rendered views can also be integrated with photographs or satellite imagery to add realism to the proposed landscape modifications.

In addition to visual impact assessments, Spatial Mapping Ltd. can create 3D models for architectural and civil projects. The middle image to the left is of Third Avenue in Prince George and shows a simple scene created using Bentley's MicroStation SE/J.

Spatial Mapping Ltd. also offers satellite imagery in 3D. By taking a LANDSAT7 ETM+ image and draping it over a digital elevation model (DEM), we have created a unique 3-dimensional image of the Fraser River and the McGregor Mountain Range northeast of Prince George, BC (bottom image).

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