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Global LANDSAT 5 Mosaics

Orthorectified Landsat 5 TM imagery is now available for the entire world. The pixel size or resolution is 28.5 meters. Bands used are: 7 (mid-infrared light) displayed as red, 4 (near-infrared light) displayed as green and 2 (visible green light) displayed as blue.

Mosaic tiles are delivered in a Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) / World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) projection in ECW file format with stand alone viewing software. The mosaics generally extend north-south over 5 degrees of latitude, and span east-west for the full width of the UTM zone. For mosaics between 60 degrees north and 60 degrees south latitude, the width of the mosaic is the standard UTM zone width of 6 degrees of longitude. For mosaics above 60 degrees of latitude, the UTM zone is widened to 12 degrees, centered on the standard UTM meridian. To insure overlap between adjacent UTM zones, each mosaic extends for at least 50 kilometers to the east and west, and 1 kilometer to the north and south.

Mosaics are also available by province, state, country, continent or custom areas of interest. Please inquire at for detailed pricing or download this PDF .

Resolution: 28.5 metre
Vintage: Ranging from 1988 - 1992
Clouds: At least 95% cloud free for most scenes
Horizontal Accuracy: 50 meters RMS -- better than the vast majority of the world's 1:200,000 maps
Projection: UTM, Geographic (Lat/Long) or user defined
Formats: ECW or user-defined
Datum: WGS-84 or user-defined
Band Combinations: 7,4,2
Cost: $12 USD per tile - discounts apply with larger orders
Availability: Entire World excluding Siberia
Media: FTP, CD, DVD or 4mm tape - special arrangements can be made for large orders

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