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Technology has moved planning techniques into the realm of "what if" scenarios. Through the use of imagery and rendering software, planners can propose logging scenarios and view them on their desktop. Virtual logging and virtual re-growth allows for a real-world look at long term development plans. Rendering can also provide visual quality analysis, illustrating how much of a proposed cutblock a hiker or boater can see from a specified vantage point before the block is even logged.

Aside from forestry-related visual impact assessments, Spatial Mapping Ltd. also offers 3D design and modeling services for architectural and civil applications. (Click here to see examples of 3D Visualization work.)

•Apollo Forest Products, Fort St James - Spatial Mapping Ltd has produced numerous visual simulations of proposed cutblocks for Apollo to help them in gaining cutting permit approval. To date, we have successfully completed visual impact assessments for more than a dozen cutting permits for Apollo.

•Industrial Forest Services, Prince George - Acting as a subcontractor to IFS, we have completed visual simulations for several of their clients, including Canfor Prince George, Slocan Fort Nelson, Lakeland Mills, and Stuart Lake Lumber. A variety of differing site applications have been successfully represented in the completed simulations. We have generated simulated viewpoints based from lakes, rivers, and even from existing roads.

•Slocan Forest Products, Mackenzie - One of the more challenging simulation jobs Spatial Mapping Ltd has undertaken was one including several views overlooking W.A.C. Bennett Dam. We were required by Slocan to produce views reflecting all of the proposed logging activity included in their five-year development plan.

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Animated Flyover of Prince George
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Animated Flyover of Prince George
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