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The Remote Sensing (RS) Department specializes in correction, analysis and processing of satellite imagery and derived products. The RS team has extensive experience with Landsat 5 TM & 7 ETM+, IRS C/D, SPOT and IKONOS data. Available RS services can be found here.

The RS Department typically enhances satellite data for use in cutblock updating, road network updating, forest development plan and as background displays for multiphase forestry maps.

Output data is converted from raster to vector and then made GIS ready for further analyses and mapping. Final products may be in the form of raster/vector integrated digital data, large-scale colour maps, or enhanced/unenhanced digital data.

Research and Development project in conjunction with the National Research Council to develop techniques to identify forest stands under attack by Spruce and Pine Bark Beetles using satellite imagery. This 3-year project is on going and involves the analysis of Landsat TM, ETM+, and IKONOS multispectral imagery using classified and unclassified techniques. We are currently in the third year of the project.

The Remote Sensing Department is currently developing an internet image delivery system (ResMap) that will allow clients to access very large datasets on-line through their web browsers. ResMap can also give end users access to these large imagery files directly in their GIS/CAD/Office applications. ResMap promises to revolutionize the use of imagery within the GIS community by making large raster datasets instantaneously accessible to end users on their desktop applications, without requiring them to download, convert or enhance the data prior to its use. ResMap is presently serving up several 100GB of data with much more to come in the near future. Examples of this technology can be viewed here.

Remote Sensing Manager Victoria:
Adam Inglis (B.Sc.)


    Adam Inglis

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