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Spatial Mapping’s GIS team specializes in forestry related GIS services however, we also have extensive experience in project management, large dataset management, specialized application design and system design/implementation.

Project management, application analysis, model design and database designs can be custom tailored to our clients needs –from inception to completion. Our GIS team can also provide assessments, modifications, and the customization of existing systems.

Spatial Mapping Ltd. offers ESRI’s ARC, INFO NT, UNIX and Bentley’s GeoGraphics as GIS options.

The majority of our work currently lies in, but is not limited to, the forest industry. Our main projects include mapping and GIS work for large companies in the Prince George area (i.e. Canfor, Apollo Lumber, The Pas Lumber, Lakeland Mills) and various Ministry of Forests branches in British Columbia.

Spatial Mapping Ltd. has a strong background in database design and creation. Our database design team specializes in end-user products. We not only create fully functional data structures, but also develop intuitive graphical user interfaces that can be completely customized.

•Forest Cover Database: The forest cover database is a Ministry of Forest maintained database with spatial components. The purpose of this project was to take the format of the existing Forest Cover Database and modify it so that it fit a new and different data model. The idea behind this data model is to allow the most flexibility when dealing with changes to the underlying structure while still trying to provide the means with which to do reports in a timely and effective manner.

•SRS: SRS, the Silviculture Records Subsystem, is a database application used by several of Spatial Mapping’s Prince George area clients, including Lakeland Mills Ltd. and Carrier Lumber Ltd. Steve is currently in charge of the maintenance of SRS, and has previously implemented database structure modifications and application interface customizations at the client’s request. The database back-end is currently stored in Access, and the front-end is an Access application, heavily customized using VBA. It is expected that SRS will eventually be made redundant by Spatial Mapping’s upcoming Spatial Information System (SIS), currently under development by a team at Spatial that includes Steve as a key member.

•Spatial Information System: The Spatial Information Systems (SIS) is an Internet based information management system that will empower end-users, allowing forest managers and planners to rely on timely and accurate information to conduct their business in a time and cost effective manner. Regardless of the tasks that need to be conducted or the format that the licensee’s data is in, SIS will assimilate dissimilar data into a standard data model and give the licensee access to view, map or analyze that data securely over the Internet on his/her own desktop 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Database and GIS Development Manager:
James Wang

Team Members:
Shawn Everett
Steve Monai
Mingchuan Lu

    James Wang

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